Dare To Succeed
Dare To Succeed
Dare To Succeed by Joe Greene | A Practical Guide for Prosperity in Business Through Christian Principles
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Experience the Satisfaction of Doing Business by The Book


After a decade as a successful chief officer at a Fortune 500 company, Joe Greene sensed God compelling him to do something extraordinary – quit his job and start a new business driven by Biblical principles. The drive to maintain his company's vision gave him a wealth of wisdom to pass on.

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When Joe Greene left a top position in a Fortune 500 company to start a business that would operate strictly on Biblical principles, most people thought he was doomed to fail. 

Dare to Succeed is laced with story after story, many of them humorous, and all of them experiences from Joe, that demonstrates Biblical principles in action in business. The twelve chapters explore a dozen Godly steps for developing a plan for turning a for-profit business into a prosperous operation and a powerful ministry for the Gospel.

Dare to succeed is a practical tool for anyone who wishes to prosper in business, and lead using the WORD of god.


An inspiring read for all of us who want to be successful and not lose our souls in the process.
— Dr. Mike Glen | Sr. Pastor, Brentwood Baptist Church