Experiencing the Satisfaction of Doing Business 
by The Book

Joe Greene


Joe Greene Shares His Story...

After a decade as a successful chief officer at a Fortune 500 company, Joe Greene sensed God compelling him to do something extraordinary – quit his job and start a new business driven by Biblical principles. The drive to maintain his company's vision gave him a wealth of wisdom to pass on.

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When Joe Greene left a top position, God had greater plans...


When Joe Greene left a top position in a Fortune 500 company to start a business that would operate strictly on lessons he gleaned from the Bible, most people thought he was doomed to fail. 

Yet no one could tell him exactly which Biblical principles wouldn’t work for running a company. That’s because, as Joe found out, all of God’s guidelines for living a wholesome, productive life work extremely well—in both personal and professional lives.

In Dare to Succeed, Joe not only explains exactly what to do in business, but also demonstrates how he’s turned business into a potent tool for God. Dare to Succeed shows by explanation as well as inspiration that principles from Scripture work, and work well!

As President of Hospital Operations for Humana – one of the world's largest hospital companies at the time, he had reached a high point of success in his field. Yet, it seemed that God wanted something else from him – and for Him. Joe founded a hospital management corporation in order to be in charge of a company he could run solely on Biblical principles. It grew into a multi-million-dollar operation that became a Wall Street "darling" when it went public. After retiring, Joe founded the CEO Fellowship in the Nashville, Tennessee area to teach business principles based on the Bible. He has eight grown children and lives with his wife Michelle in Franklin, Tennessee.