What Others Are Saying About
"Dare To Succeed"!


“Most of us live disconnected lives. Our career is in one place and our faith is in another. Most of us find it difficult, if not impossible, to pull the two together into a coherent way of life. Joe Greene shows us not only how to keep our faith and our careers in their proper relationship, but he helps us understand how our faith can provide energy and focus to our careers. The resulting success is not only good for us as individuals, but transformative for our companies as well. Joe has written an honest and challenging book about leadership and faith. It’s an inspiring read for all of us who want to be successful and not lose our souls in the process.”

Dr. Mike Glenn
Senior Pastor | Brentwood Baptist Church


“In a world full of well-meaning but ultimately hollow human advice, it is so important to be reminded of the power of “God’s Way” in bringing joy into our leadership, work, and life. Joe Greene really takes us to the heart of the matter!”

Bob Fisher
President |
Belmont University


"Joe Greene is a true entrepreneur who is passionate about honoring God in the everyday workplace. His book, “Dare To Succeed”, is bound to help scores of business owners and managers make a real difference in the lives of their customers and employees."

Bob Augsburg
President | WAY Media, Inc.


“Too often I hear well-meaning Christians struggle between ‘doing good’ or being successful in business. Dare to Succeed reminds us we don’t have to choose. Living well and doing good is an attainable goal, and a business run with honesty and integrity is the quickest path to doing both.” 

Dan Miller
Author | 48 Days to the Work You Love


“Having attended the CEO (Christian Executive Officer) Fellowship that Joe Greene founded, I consider him a mentor. Joe taught me that as Christian business leaders, we should strive to apply Biblical principles at our places of business from Monday through Friday. His book, “Dare To Succeed,” is a compilation of valuable advice and remarkable insight from one of the most influential Christian business leaders of our time.”

Ming Wang, MD, PhD
Director | Wang Vision 3D Cataract & LASIK Center


“This book illustrates the countless advantages of incorporating biblical principles into your business. Joe Greene’s integrity, real life experiences, and practical advice will encourage, challenge, and help  you honor God and serve your stakeholders.”

Nancy Reece
Sr. Consultant & Executive Coach | The Human Capital Group, Inc.


“It can be done; Joe Greene did it. He operated his company on Biblical principles – and it prospered.  Not only that, Joe took those principles and trained hundreds of Christian businessmen to do the same.  Those of us who have experienced first-hand Joe’s powerful instruction celebrate that this teaching is now available to a wider audience.  Joe is a fine man of God; you will be inspired, encouraged and equipped to serve God through your business for His Glory.  Thank you, Joe!”

Scott Harris
Mission Minister | Brentwood Baptist Church